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Monday, August 27th, 2007
8:55 pm - Icons
Oh, and I made some new icons, ok not really made icons, cropped and sized some photos.

current mood: accomplished

(How strange the moon seems!)

8:11 pm - Back home at last
So we got back from Wendover the other night (still no internet at home) and it wasn't too bad. We went with $100 and came back with $55 so not too bad. Trevor came up on Friday night to Ogden and we went bowling and talked for about two hours, he has some weird ass shit in his head. Then we got up and went to the zoo the next morning. I took about a roll of film, I'm really starting to have fun with the camera, I would have had more fun if I could have used Les's digital but he had to leave it here so someone else could use it while we were gone.

Then came the fun part, lunch with Les's parents. All in all is wasn't that bad. His mother flipped out of course because we showed up at 12:30, apparently "around noon" means by 12:05. Then we had lunch which was actually good food because it was sandwiches. Then presents, which was exactly what I told Les to tell her I wanted when he said, "What should I tell my mother to get you for your birthday so she can surprise you?" Then cake, then we left without a half-hour long goodbye for once. So where was the bad? Lunch. The entire conversation was about something that I of course could not participate in and when I did try to relate the entire room went quiet for the whole time I was talking and then when I was done they went back to their conversation like I never said a damn thing. I know it isn't nearly as bad as it could be but it infuriates me to no end. Then when we were leaving his mother hugs me and whispers to me that she is glad I joined their family. What that really means is, "I'm glad you and Les got married and aren't living in sin any more, now just don't say anything and everything will be perfect." She drives me crazy.

Anyway, we got home about at about 8 and found an animal control thing hanging on the door saying we had a complaint about our dog barking. A few problems with this: the notice was dated the 24th, Luna had been at a kennel since the early morning of the 23rd; the complaint was for dog barking, Luna rarely barks, when she wraps herself around something she sort of whines, but she doesn't bark; the notice said to contact animal control within 24 hours but no time was given and when we called animal control was closed. All of it worked out in the end. The animal control officer wouldn't say who made the complaint, we could legally get it if we need to, but he said that while we weren't there Luna would wrap herself around things and this person was freeing her. He just asked us if we could find a better place to put her and we promptly did. What bothers me about this situation is really my problem with Vernal.

I will admit during my time in Price, small town life grew on my, I started really liking it. But here it is like living in a small town but everyone is from a big city. It is a small town in the fact that there is nothing here and it is a thousand miles from civilization, but a big city in that no one has that small town come together attitude. Not one of our neighbors has introduced themselves to us, the few people we introduced ourselves to don't speak to us and this person who is helping our dog won't talk to us. He or she did not leave us a note, obviously knows when we are home and when we are gone and hasn't said any thing to us about it, hasn't even come to bitch about it and threaten us, just goes straight to animal control. The thing I liked about small towns, especially those in Carbon County is I knew everyone and had something to say to them. Look at what is going on in the news down there and you can see it. I honestly don't think if something like that happened up here people would come together like that.

current mood: frustrated

(How strange the moon seems!)

Sunday, August 19th, 2007
12:02 am - Icons
I need more icons, as soon as I have my own computer back I'm making some.

current mood: frustrated

(How strange the moon seems!)

Saturday, August 18th, 2007
11:43 pm - The only Saturday in Vernal that I haven't hated
So today Les and I got up early and went yardsaling, it was a blast. We finally decided how to do our kitchen and bought a paper towel holder with a pig on it (we're doing a whole barnyard thing)and a little business card holder for Les's office and a keyboard for him that I am using right now and hating, ergonomic my ass, try confusing but he wanted it. Then we went to the park with Luna and had a ton of fun, she got to run more today than she has since we got her. After all of that we went to the demolition derby at the county fair. We had fun mocking all of the inbred hicks that flock to those kind of things and it was pretty cool. One of the cars busted through the gate and at least 2 people had to go to the hospital, I am interested to know what happened and what kind of injuries being hit with a gate like that would cause (I don't think the car itself hit anyone but people were leaning on the gate.)

So that was my day, I didn't hate it, which is more than I can say for most of my days anymore. Anyone reading this probably finds it horribly boring but like I said, this is for me now.

Also, I need to find some new books to read, I am getting bored. I have been on a fantasy kick lately and, sad to say, most fantasy sucks. I read a really good series a little while back and can't find anything else like it at the library here.

current mood: chipper

(How strange the moon seems!)

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
12:11 pm - I've decided I like the look of this subject line so I am going to start using it
So I realize that for a long time I haven't used this thing at all. I started it when I was in high school and used it mostly to communicate with friends back home when I was in college. But now I think I'm actually going to start using it regularly.

A lot has changed since I last used this thing, first off being that no one reads it anymore. I'm not sure anyone would be even if there had been anything in it in the last year. So really this is just for me. I was going through some old entries earlier and I had a lot of fun just reading about what was going on when I first started at CEU.

Who cares if anyone reads it. It will be for me. So I'm going to catch up. Since the last time I posted a lot has happened. Les and I got married. I have quit my job at The Evil and have taken one at The Not Quite So Evil (and yes I can overcapitalize to show evil) and am looking for a real job because I refuse to be working retail this Christmas, come November if I haven't found something I'll quit and sell crack if I have to.

Les was offered the job of editor at the paper in Vernal after the company that owned the paper in Price bought it. We have relocated to Vernal and bought a house and gotten a dog. Jason graduated from Job Corps and proceeded to completely fuck up his life and in the process a few others as well. He is now living with his mother in Hickville, Missouri. This resulted in my dad finally moving in with Linda after seven years and they are planning on getting married next moth. In related news Chris married some girl from Germany (who is quite like his former crush, Alan) and moved to New York for school. Patrick and Gennie got divorced and he is in Iraq getting blowed up. She is living back at home with Linda. Also I have lost contact with pretty much everyone I used to know and the people in Vernal are not exactly welcoming to people from outside the area, even if said people are not here because of the oil fields.

That is the big stuff. In other news my birthday is next week and my dad is taking me to Wendover. As soon as we have internet access at home I plan to update the look of this thing and get some new icons for it. Depending on how expensive it is, that should be quite soon.

current mood: mellow

(How strange the moon seems!)

Sunday, May 14th, 2006
9:10 pm
Ok, so when certain people don't want to do anything but sit in a warehouse and make out with their kidnapper, it is very hard to make them get unkidnapped. So, until he decides he's in the mood for coffee, I'll be working on another story.

I don't think I'm going to post it until it is done, but if you want the gist of it, let me know and I'll tell you. I'm basing it in a town similar to Price, but not Price. I'm using some of the things that happen around here and those trips to Denny's in Orem, I also talked some actually Mormons who really believed it and then changed thier minds, and not just Les (although he and his brother really helped) I think it'll be interesting. I still have no idea for a title.

In other news, I haven't heard from you in a little while, I was going to send you a letter, but I deleted your address when my inbox got too full so that didn't really work. So since the last time we talked, I quit my job, graduated from CEU and got a job at Wal-Mart. So if I don't hear from you I'll know you've forsaken me for it, but I'm making twice what I was carhopping and I'm working 40 hours a week compared to 6 or 12 depending on how late Sherald's decided to stay open.

current mood: aggravated

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Monday, April 25th, 2005
1:15 pm
Sorry about the lack of fic, but every time I would start to write either I couldn't, or I had to write something for a class. Between newspaper, fiction and government I just had no time. Articles, two papers and two take-home finals. I got your letter, thank you so much for the wristbands, I love them. How many more do you have? Crystal wants to know if she can have one. Good news, I have the envelope for your next letter all done (which is the long part), I just have to write it.

current mood: content

(How strange the moon seems!)

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
10:09 am
My class on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been canceled for the rest of the semester so I have decided, since I get to spend all my extra time in the newsroom now, every Thursday for the rest of the semester (and maybe some Tuesdays) there will be Crosí Cama.

I was so exited I just thought I would tell you and maybe make you exited too.

current mood: excited

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
8:39 pm
So I have gotten three letters from Malena that I have been either too busy, or unable to breathe (and thereby fucntion as a human type entitiy) to respond to. I feel kinda bad, so I'm not going to respond in letter form, I'm going to respond in journal form with an installment of my horrible not-updated-ever fic.

About the first letter...
I really don't remember what you said.

About the second letter...
Woah, somebody is really depressed. You're jealous of Les because he gets my free time? Sorry, honey, but your wrong, he doesn't get my free time, I have none, and what little free time exists between the two of us is his lunch break in his 11-hour-a-day job. Don't worry about that.

About the third letter...
Yeah no fuck you have mood swings. And I am still going to kill you for taking that class.

I don't remember which letter it was in, but I'm sorry to hear about Dave, I guess I'll never see you down here.

Anyway, I have had an amazing day, Hawkmoon, random middle of the day sex, I have milk so I can make food and I had cookie dough. So to top of this (for once not sarcastically) wonderful day.

Crosí Cama!!!Collapse )

current mood: accomplished

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Monday, January 24th, 2005
11:57 pm
So Kim stole a survey from a random journal. Then I got bored, stole Kim's computer and am now stealing said survey.

Oh, am in slashy mood, so, and I promise nothing, but, Crosí Cama soon maybe.

I took this from a totally random journal.

* NAME: Heather
* HAIR COLOR: this reddish/blondish/brownish color
* HAIR LENGTH: not long enough
* EYE COLOR: various shades of green
* HEIGHT: we’re gonna call it 5’5” ‘cause I cheat every once and a while and that’s pretty much the average
* WEIGHT: some
* LOCATION: Podunk...er Price, Utah
* PETS: kitties that live with not me

* MOVIE: right now Angels in America
* ACTOR: ??? Colin Farrell
* BRAND: huh?
* LABEL: Um ...
* SONG: in the 12 hour of today it’s SYCMIOYO by U2 (see if you can figure out the anagramy thing)
* WORD: recently it’s poo, but I blame that on my old roommates
* FOOD: I can’t pick one so I’ll just name off my favorite basics in random order; cheese, chicken and potatoes
* DRINK: Pepsi, um have you met me?
* COLOR: rainbow!
* CANDY: depends on my mood, but generally chocolate
* TV SHOW: I don’t watch TV at all anymore, but I like Will and Grace
* FAST FOOD RESTAURANT: whatever’s closest
* GIRL NAME: hard to say because I rarely write women so I don’t spend too much time on the names, but I like names that start with a K sound but are spelled with a C
* BOY NAME: Gabriel or Eli
* ANIMAL: Kitty!
* SCENT: that stuff I just bought
* ICE CREAM FLAVOR: lemon gelato of course
* HOLIDAY: Halloween, free candy from strangers, dude, doesn’t get better than that
* DAY OF THE WEEK: Friday, before the weekend, but this semester I don’t have any classes, so it’s like the weekend but I go to work and get paid for it
* MONTH: probably July or August, you know, the months when I’m only rarely cold

* THINK YOU HAVE COMMON SENSE: no, I run out in front of cars and ask stupid questions in classes that are too hard for my feeble brain... like fiction and music
* PLAY SPORTS / WHAT KIND OF SPORTS DO YOU LIKE: I don’t play sports, but I’ll watch them occasionally
* SHAVE: all the time, except for the occasional week when I start scratching my legs ‘til they bleed cause they itch ‘cause Utah suck ass
* BELIEVE IN ALIENS: only when I have too much coffee, or not enough coffee
* LIKE SITCOMS: depends on the level of gayness in the sitcom
* THINK YOUR STYLE/FASHION IS COOL: I don't have a style ... so yes
* HAVE ANY PIERCINGS: my ears are pierced, and I want to get my bellybutton done, but I’m a wuss
* DO DRUGS: never
* DRINK: of course
* HAVE SEX: again, depends on the coffee levels

* SMOKED: yes
* DRANK: see above, stupid
* GOTTEN DRUNK: ‘kay you’re pissing me off now
* WENT BUNJEE JUMPING: remember the common sense question?
* HAD A CRUSH ON A TEACHER: just once, but we won’t get into that, it was a long time ago
* BROKE THE LAW: of course, who do you think I am, someone smart enough not to hand around Monica Martinez?
* RAN FROM THE COPS: not that I can remember, but don’t hold me to anything
* KISSED A GIRL: who hasn’t”
* KISSED A GUY: look up one whole line, can you manage that?
* LAUGHED: no, I am completely without humor
* BEEN SARCASTIC: why no, never in my whole lifetime ever, I don’t exaggerate neither
* BEEN EMBARASSED: just on days that I leave the house, or don’t leave the house, ‘cause I didn’t leave the house generally
* CRIED: once in a while
* WANTED TO DIE: no, I’m perfectly content with my fucked up shitty life
* BEEN SCARED TO HALF DEATH: ever seen Memphis mad? You’d be scared to
* MADE YOURSELF THROW UP: not on purpose, you think I want to be thinner? You really are stupid
* THOUGHT ABOUT OR TRIED TO KILL YOURSELF: maybe, but the voices were really nice to me when nobody else would look at my pretty pictures
* WENT SKINNY DIPPING: we don’t talk about that time on the docks, but there’s a hint for you if you couldn’t figure it out already
* HAD A MILK MUSTACHE: milk upsets my stomach
* SAID "I LOVE YOU" AND DID NOT MEAN IT: only when I’m joking, like with Crystal or Misty or someone
* GOTTEN INTO A FIGHT WITH YOUR PET: have you seen my arms?!!!!!
* HAD A DREAM ABOUT SOMETHING WEIRD AND IT HAPPENED THE NEXT DAY: no, but I had a dream about something weird that happened the day before
* STALKED SOMEONE: no, but just you wait
* HAD A MUD BATH: eww...mud...gross
* WISHED YOU WERE THE OPPOSITE SEX: only at certain times of the month

* BLUE: Pepsi
* SOCKS: finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (don’t ask)
* MIRROR: broke
* CRACKER: Honkey!!!
* COW: beef
* FRANCE: cheese
* ZINE: huh?
* JELLY: pancakes
* FISH: Lent
* CALLED YOU: Kim, to be let in
* KISSED YOU: well...Les might read this so we’ll say him
* HUGGED YOU: Crystal
* EMAILED YOU: cool guy from San Diego that read my article and wanted more info, I’m a real journalist now
* YOU WENT TO THE MALL WITH: Malena and Les in SLC
* SAID THEY HATED YOU: probably some people that I don’t know about, but I think either Joanna or Caz

* WHERE WILL YOU LIVE: probably on earth

* WHO ARE YOUR GOOD FRIENDS: Malena, Crystal, Kim, Sam, Les, I think those are all the people who read this thing anyway
* WHO'S YOUR BEST ONLINE BUDDY: the little paper-clip in Word that asks you if you need help ‘cause you’re an idiot that can’t work a keyboard and mouse
* HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE ON YOUR BUDDY LIST: 4, I’m a looser, we all know this, come on I’m filling out a survey for Christ’s sake!
* HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU HAVE BLOCKED: none, but that’s a good idea, maybe some in a bit

* WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED: the middle of the desert so I can shoot the witnesses when their part is done
* HOW DO YOU EAT AN OREO: like any other cookie, not anything fancy with twisting and shit. The only time I do that is when I’m making an oreo crust for a really good oreo cheesecake
* WHAT DO YOU REALLY DISLIKE: don’t even get me started on that, I’m in Utah!
* DESCRIBE YOUR FIRST KISS: Bobby-Lee Connors, mullet. That pretty explains it. I was 14, I can be forgiven.

Hehe, okay, I'm done.

current mood: and slashy

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Friday, December 24th, 2004
5:04 pm
Oh, may have a way to put those pics online for Malena. I may have to wait for a while because I can't do it from a mac, so I'll have to wait until I come up here again. I would do it now, but Linda's party is about to start and once that starts I don't really stop until I go home.

current mood: hopeful

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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
6:09 pm
So I'm walking through the mall today with my dad and my brother and my grandma and who do I run into but Kelly with like 8 kids and his wife with him.

It was strange.

current mood: weird

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Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
8:02 pm
Okay, so I can't go home, long story involving really shitty roomates, so I figure it gives me lots of time to work on my fics. I was gonna work on Crosi Cama, but I have this little plot working inside my head, so I'm gonna work on it and probably post it either later tonight or tomorrow afternoon (finals at 8 in the morning and at noon). I would have had it all worked out, but I was kidnapped this morning.

current mood: pessimistic

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
3:54 pm
Okay, wanted to have more fic up this week, yeah, not gonna hapen.

The most stressful week of my life. Its not even finals, I have no problem with tests, its all the papers and projects that are due. Plus its production week and that is always stressful.

My hands have stopped shaking so much though, so thats good.

Sorry, but I come home again next week and I'll have nothing to do for a month, I'll get a lot of it done then.

current mood: stressed

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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
11:23 am
So guess what I just did...
I went to Wal-Mart.
Guess what I bought...

I got it before Malena, I feel so special. And I don't have to burn it from her.

I'm a very happy person.

current mood: giddy

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Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
11:11 am
So I'm sitting in Anthropology and we're talking about economics and the teacher goes off on Bono and Jubilee 2000. It was great. I, of course, joined in, but it was a conversation about Bono and I didn't start it!

current mood: cold

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Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
3:53 pm
So, yeah was sitting on the couch watching TV last night when Angela (the polygamist) was fliping through the channels. I figure she won't stop on anythingdecent since she is so fucking sheltered so I wasn't really paying attention but while she was flipping throught the news stations I cought a microsecond of Bono on the O'Riley Factor. So I made her stop and the whole apartment had to watch Bono talk live about AIDS.

It was great. Plus I just found out that my editor and the only other guy in College Democrats, Les, is almost as huge of a U2 nut as I am. This has been a good day.

current mood: bouncy

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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
12:46 pm
So, we got a new roomate last night who is from Grantsville. She is a hoot. She is a theatre person. She knows the guy Lacy wanted to set me up with and it turns out he is gayer than a three-dollar bill ;)

She was in choir and Academic Decathalon. When I told her that I went to BL the first thing she said was, "Oh, I love your choir and do you know this girl named something Johnson, I hate her like Hell." So of course my mind goes right to Malena, so I describe you and she says "No, she's short with curly hair and so cute I wanted to puke, I think it was Amanda or something." It made me really happy.

BTW more Crosi Cama over Labor Day Weekend when I can have the Journalism Lab all to myself.

current mood: rushed

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Monday, August 23rd, 2004
3:50 pm
Okay, as a normal average everyday, this day has been okay.

As a birthday, it kind sucks.

I haven't done anything but classes and Medicaid stuff. I got my article in and fixed and stuff, but there really isn't anything else to do.

I now have $820 in the bank, but I have to buy books tomorrow,so I'll probably be back donw to $20. Plus I have to figure out how much to give Lacy in gas money for taking me to Salt Lake wiht her.

What do you think?

current mood: hungry

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Friday, August 20th, 2004
1:01 pm
So this is an account of my wonderful day.

I got up an hour early to go find the people that I had to interview for my article. It worked to a certain degree in that I got two interviews done before my first class. But I wasn't to the CBB in time to get the teacher I forgot to have sign my Pell Grant paper sign it, so I went after class, got lost found her, got my signature, and was late to Anthropology because of the construction.

Then I went to talk to the third guy, and he was out to lunch. No big deal, I leave my number with his secretary and go to check my mail. On the way into the post office, I run right into this guy and get really embarrassed.

I check my mail, my Medicaid came, my birthday package came, but I couldn't carry it all the way around the construction with all my stuff. So I go to the dorm, drop my stuff off, and decide to go back to the post office by way of the cashier's office so I can pick up my Pell Grant Check with minimal walking around the construction.

While in line, I get a call from third guy I needed to interview and I tell him just a few minutes. The lady had trouble finding my check (because she started at the beginning of M and my name is My) so it was 20 minutes before I get to the guy's office. Guess who it is, the guy I ran into in the post office, he takes another 20 minutes telling me things I don't really need to know. But that's no big deal I think.

At least until I find out that I got to the post office THREE MINUTES TOO LATE and I have to go back at Three O'clock. So I figure while I'm right here I'll go to the library and type my article. Then I get here and realize that I don't have my notebooks (since I was planning on carrying a giant box all the way around the construction) so I have to come back here later too.

I got everything done, but it sucked, so I don't know if today is a good thing or a bad thing.

current mood: confused

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